Gitenis Umbrasas

Gitenis Umbrasas
I was born in 1961 in Vilnius 08 25.
I learned at Čiarniachovskis and then Konarskis Vienožinskis now called Art School.
1983 - 1988 m. I studied at the Lithuanian SSR State Art Institute,
later headed the Vilnius Art Academy, frescoes - mosaic.
1989 - 1995 . Vilnius Art Academy, taught drawing and anatomy.
Since 1995. the member of Lithuanian Artists' Association.
Since 2009. I work at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Department of Architectural Engineering in a position of an associate professor

I am interested in doing genre experiments so it’s sometimes difficult to sort the works.
Working at the same time can be a mystery and a process (action), and event or
nature art, and architecture, and sculpture and fresco, etc.
This is sometimes referred to the synthesis of genres, and sometimes to an interdisciplinary
art, but I think those names are not accurate.

Works in Nature.

In 1990. Miniature fresco cycle (tree hollows) Sereikiškės Park
In 1991. "Vilnelė" signs ": the first"Grass snake, "second" Egle, "third" Virgo "
(The stones on the bottom of the Vilnele river. The wave moving through rocks makes foam
that forms the signs)
In 1991. Action "Vilnelė tails(the strands of underwater grasses)
In 1992. Vilnius. Gediminas holiday. Gediminas Tower roof - will wear the head and
"Iron Wolf" Fireworks over the Vilnelė kinetic sculpture "Iron Wolf" (chrome-plated copper) 90x140x140 cm.
In 1992. I was one of the artists' Mourning and Hope Day ", the work - On the" Cross of Vytis "
1994 Eiga(Action) "Miracles." Inserted three Old Town paving bricks,
(Restoration of the Cathedral Square, replacing the pavement)
In 1999. in the rebuilt Vilnius Ctahedral square"Miracle" (granite, Smalt)
In 2000. implemented a number of proposals, i.e., names on the granite
brick plinth, former. The Gestapo and the KGB building facade Gediminas pr.40,
In 2001. 4 October., St. Francis day, realized in the international
project "Milky Way" - Part "A Warbling Cross, 8.5m in height.
In 2002. Reconstructed stone with the inscription "miracle" of Vilnius Cathedral
In 2003. "Miracle" Reconstruction of the Cathedral Square,
In 2004. Project is "Love the Shore" (from the flowers planted
confession of love for the river Neris)
In 2004. The memorial stone of the Jewish poet Moses Kulbak, Vilnius,
In 2004. Completed realization of the columbarium in Tuskulėnų park architectural part.

Works building exterior:

In 1994. 1.Sketch, 2.Project, 3.Cardboard and 4.Realization of two-part
fresco "Stikliai Hotel facade Gaon street, Vilnius,
In 1998. Modern Art Center in Vilnius, artistic process (action)
In 2000. implemented a part of proposals, i.e., names on the granite
brick socle, former the Gestapo and the KGB building facade Gediminas avenue 40,

Works in interiors:

In 1988. Fresco Earth, Vilnius Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of History,
Shevchenko str.
In 2000. the fresco "Vyčiai", 1,5 x7 m, Balsiai (Aldona
Lėbuvienės private property).

Other works:

Personal exhibitions:

In 1996. Personal exhibition in the “Window” gallery
In 1997. Personal exhibition “The twentieth century” gallery, Panevezys.
In 1998. exhibition of pre-projected proposals in the parliament of Lithuanian republic.
The former Gestapo and the KGB building plinth 40 Gediminas avenue. It was suggested carving of names and surnames of fighters for Lithuanian freedom. Below the names there were offered the examples of oak leaves scotches in timpano instead of coat of arms of Lithuanian Socialist republic.
In 2000. The personal exhibition in the German Embassy worker Sabina Haakon home Traidenis street 27, Vilnius
In 2003. Personal exhibition “Užupis” café in Vilnius
In 2004 Personal exhibition in Alytus museum, Lithuania
In 2004. Personal exhibition in Irkutsk Regional Museum, Russia.
In 2005. Personal exhibition in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (05.01.25-02.13)
In 2005. Personal exhibition in Lithuanian National Junesco Commission headquarter (05.02.14-03.04)

Group exhibitions:

In 1990. Christmas exposition "Verkiai ice" to celebrate the opening of “Arka” gallery,
In 1991. A participant in the international conference "Wind" in Nida
In 1991. "Flying Painting" exhibition in Vilnius Art Academy.
In 1991. Participated in the exhibition "Things" Modern Art Centre, Vilnius.
In 1992. Exhibition in Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius,
In 1994. The exhibition in Klaipeda Exhibition Hall,
In 1995. The exhibition dedicated to a teacher of art V.Pečiukoniui ,Art Employees Palace in Vilnius
In 1996. Participated in the exhibition "Still Life II," "Aidas" Gallery, Vilnius,
In 1999. Artistic kites exhibition in Vilnius central post office.
In 1999. Participated in exhibition in Lithuanian Parliament House,
In 2000. participated in the exhibition "Fresco 2000, the Vilnius City Hall,
In 2000. Exhibition of artistic kites in Bernardine Church “Whitsunday Winds”,
In 2000 art kites exhibition in Vilnius Pupils’ Palace.
In 2000. I participated in "Vartai" gallery exhibition “Floors.Walls.Doors.”
In 2003. Participated in Architects’ union exhibition "Look at yourself"
In 2012. the participant of the 7th Berlin’s biennial.


1993 m.III place in the contest "Fallen for the freedom of Lithuania", Collaborators: M.Šaliamoru, A.Revaikina, artist G.Umbrasas,
In 1996. I place in the memorial competition "Bolshevist terror victims"
Tuskulėnai estate territory.Collaborators i: architects E.Čekanauskas, A.Umbrasas,Artists G.Karalius, L.Masliukienė, G.Umbrasas,
In 2000. "Second place in the international artistic kite festival in Germany

Events, actions, theater, set design, costume design:

In 1989. "Flying Painting" (on the kite), "Flying Brick" and “FlyingGarden "
In 1989. Set and costumes "Electricity has to mourn" by O’Nill play, Marijampolė.
In 1991 participation in the international conference "Wind" in Nida
In 1995. Sets, costumes and dolls by J.Basanavicius collected
folklore, S.Parulskis play "Iš gyvenimo vėlių", directed by V. Landsbergis
Šiauliai Drama Theatre.
In 1997 action "Underground Music" Young Composers Symposium,
In 1998. Guide children's summer camp, artistic kites
"Flying Painting" in Palanga,
In 1999. International folklore festival "Baltica” chief. artist
In 1999. Guide children's "artistic kites in summer in Šventoji,
In 2000. Sets, costumes, dolls in Christmas play “Grandma”s Christmas tale” director V.V.Landsbergis together with “Keistuolių Theatre”
In 2000. Guide children's "artistic kites in summer
camp in Palanga, Kunigiskes,
In 2000 - 2001. The initiator and organizer of the Ice Sculpture
Park Cathedral Square..
In 2004. Initiator and leader in the international art kite project
"One sky - One World" Nida
In 2005. the participant of Waldorf schools kite festival organized in Zapyškis.

In 2005. Japanese Culture Day Telsiai 05:05:05 participant with artistic kites.


2005 Lithuanian Union of Architects Award METRAS 1/5.

In 1999. @ ARTLINK attended auction in Sotheby's in Rostock,


In 2010. Drawing methodical book "Image resolution prime"

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Qualification: Professional
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